Visioning: Goal Setting with Thinking in Mind

Don’t do ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ the OLD way.

NLP has amazingly effective ways to set goals.

Here is my invitation to you; Plan the next year with …‘Thinking in Mind’.

In January 2008, I did a thing called ‘Pseudo Orientation in Time’. It’s a bit like time travel in the move, ‘Back to the Future’, but only inside your own mind. Even though I enjoyed it, I thought it was just a ‘mind game’. But when I got to the end of 2008 the results blew me away! As I looked back on the year I realised that, even without resolve, I had achieved everything and hadn’t even tried. In fact I hadn’t even notice I had achieved the goal, until I was sitting in that future time reflecting back and realised, ‘OMG, it just happened’. That was pretty freaky.

The results blew me away!

There are three main steps to setting up your goal so you program your mind to get the results.

The last step: You go forward in time to the point when you are achieving your goal, then go past that point in time and look back to see yourself achieving and reflect on how you feel about that achievement.

Einstein is quoted, “anything the mind can conceive AND BELIEVE, it can achieve.” This process helps not only with conceiving it, but gives the mind an experience it can believe.

But, here is the scary thing … we’re doing this all the time, whether we realise it or not. We are doing it every day. I hear people say things like, “I’ve got so much on. I’m going to be exhausted at the end of the day. I just have to put my head down and ‘PUSH THROUGH’.” What an awful vision to set up for yourself! But that comes true too.

There is something else you need to know…the first step. I say, “When we have a big enough ‘WHY’ we can enjoy any ‘how’. Then the ‘where’ and ‘when’ becomes ‘here’ and ‘now’. Knowing ‘why’ your goal is important creates motivation. Your goal needs to be aligned with your deepest values – what’s really important to you. This can be tricky because our values are normally outside our conscious awareness. But there are ways to identify and activate your values. Then things seem to just fall into place. It can feel like magic (but we are in truth).  This process was refined by Peter Thompson of Apt Ventures.  He refers to this as,

‘Advanced Hindsight’

Before you can do that, Step 2: You don’t want to install the vision before you check a few things.  Just suppose for a moment,

‘you always get what you ask for’

then you need to check the quality of what you’re asking for or you may get something you don’t want.

There are 7 aspects of your goal you need to check, so that you are asking your mind in a way it can do what you want.

Here is one of the seven keys as an example: Your goal must be a positive (toward) statement like, “I want to be slim/fit/energised”,
NOT negative (away) like, “I want to lose weight/stop smoking/get rid of this fat/not be exhausted”. Just ask yourself, which one of these statements is inspiring and which is de-energising and hard?

So, Step 1 first: You need to select a goal that is worth the effort.  “When you have a bigger enough ‘WHY’, you can ENJOY any ‘HOW’.  Then the ‘where and when’ becomes ‘here and now’. ” (deb Maes Quotable 2012).  Your values are the key to identifying what is really important to you.  Uncovering these can be tricky because they are so intrinsically a part of us that we aren’t even consciously aware of them.  But there are ways to discover your values and you’ll find the process fun and revealing.

It really works! I hadn’t even tried.
In fact, I tried to ‘self-sabotage’ and it still worked.
New responses and behaviours just emerged and I was a curious observer.
I’m so much more confident.”

Sandy, workshop participant, Tamworth Australia

And you know … every year seems to go in a ‘blink’,

and the next 5 years will go in a couple of blinks,

and you are going to get what’s happening at an unconscious level – like it or NOT. Whether you’re focusing on what you want or not, you are going to get that.

I don’t know about you, but my time is so precious and there is so much I want to do that I’m convinced it’s well worth taking the time to be sure this year and even the next 5 years are set up well.

So, how much is a year worth to you?

And more, how much are 5 years worth?

What’s in the workshop?

1st, because everything is driven by your values, we’ll clarify what’s important for you to achieve,

2nd, we’ll check your Outcome is ‘well-formed’ using the ‘POSTURE’ check, and

3rd, we ‘Advance Hindsight’ with your goal.

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