tristan wordle 1As a Master Trainer and Developer of NLP, Tristan has dedicated over a decade of his life to modelling excellence in individuals and companies. During this time he has run five businesses and supported thousands of people on their journeys of personal and professional transformation.

His passion is ‘excellence’: modelling, expressing and celebrating ‘excellence’. With his considerable experience facilitating and coaching senior management, executive and directors, he has become highly regarded as a personable and skilled presenter, who is engaging and inspirational.

Tristan’s ability to model the ‘difference that makes a difference’ and consistently raise the unconscious to conscious sets him apart as a unique coach for businesses and teams.

After apprenticing with Sue Knight, Author of NLP At Work, Tristan has developed his own unique style and system that enables him to connect and get results fast. As well as coaching business owners, coaches and teams he works with people from all backgrounds, including the ‘Team GB’, for Trampolining!

Having identified a gap in the business and coaching world, he developed ‘The Spotlight System’™, which effectively and efficiently reveals the unsuspected greatness that is there in everyone.

He currently lives in Ibiza and travels extensively delivering NLP programs in far flung parts of the world like South Africa, India and the UK.