Glorifying Gorgeous Girlhood: A Celebration and Discover of True Femininity 

Want increased self-confidence and self-appreciation in your life context.  This is delivered in two parts or as a two day workshop or retreat.

The main principle underlying these workshops is; We strongly under value the feminine in this society.  Due to a millennia of living in a male dominated culture, we have lost our understanding of feminine power.

Woman in the last century made great gains in moving closer to equity an access in the world of work, yet in doing so we have emulated masculine energy and not reclaimed our feminine strength.

It’s true everyone has masculine and feminine in them and a well-developed person will have a good balance within themselves. The essence of each though is different and if we think one is somehow better and then we reject a major aspect of ourselves. For several decades women have had to be like men to succeed in society, i.e. embody the masculine. We’ve had to prove that we could be like men, which we have. This just makes ‘hard on hard’ and makes us imbalanced, as individuals and as a society. It also forces a  false strength on the outside, which is hard to sustain, is brittle and creates fatigue and burn-out.