The Power of Story Transformation Program

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players” 

Shakespeare is right! We’re ‘the players’. So, what’s the part you’re playing? Have you auditioned for the right part?

Life’s a Story! Every word, action, moment is like a new paragraph and a new chapter that unfolds to reveal YOUR LIFE!

“It’s the stories we tell about the stories of our life….that is everything” deb Maes

So often, it is as if we are walking backwards into our future, living out of false stories, looking at your past with outmoded belief systems. Having your BACK facing the direction you want to go is not the most productive way to achieve your life goals.

The Good news is … you are the scriptwriter of your own story. Yes you are! Many people believe that the events that have lead up until now have created who you are. But this isn’t true. It’s the meaning you have made of those events that have formed your beliefs and crafted your story till now, and you act out of that story.

The Power of Story transformation program is a fun and playful exploration of the Actors Craft, in combination with the transformational coaching tools. With these we support you to systematically; discover the old patterns, become aware of your current scripts, then using the actors craft tools, uncover essential truths that can drive you, with clarity of purpose, and transform the real you from your essence.

What program participant say …

mara“Before the program, I was confused, felt out of control and
didn’t know where I was going in life or who I was.

“Now I have the ability to change the scripts of my life and
I’ve cleaned up some of my backstories that had been disabling me.

“I’m an actor with many roles and I can write the script that suits each of the roles in my life.  I’m a stronger person with a stronger sense of self …
more aware of who I am.
I’ve become truer to myself.

“I invite you to come and experience the same transformation I have”.

Mara Dedini

Executive Assistant

The Power of Story Transformation Program cover 5 main elements :
1. Uncovering  the BACKSTORY (Awareness: know your current self)

Listening to self (awareness)
Back Story (stage one of your script)
Identify through belief systems

2. Discover your Authentic ACTOR (Discover the Essential Source of Your Power)
Release the OLD – eject the old movie
Explore Self Likes and Dislikes – Reveal Personal Values
Confirmation: Choosing to be conscious of the essential power of self

3.  Build your CHARACTER (Build the characters – rewrite your script)

 4. Refine, Rehearse and Re-take
Review: The Back Story and how belief systems alter the essence of a story
Re-confirm the essence and congruence of the ACTOR within
Edit and refine the character

5. THE PERFORMANCE (All the World’s a Stage)
Practice being Confident (believe it then fake it till you make it)

Playfully explore the new self

Take your new self home

SO … if there are aspects of your current story you don’t like …
we invite you to join us to
learn how to edit your scripts

& why not even
give yourself the leading role … center stage … in your own life.

Our journey in life can be likened to a Sailor’s journey on an ocean: You as the vessel, the ocean of stories about your life events, underlying and informing all you do, and your essence – the true you – as guiding star, help you hold your course (The Curve blog to read more about this metaphor).

Inspired by Shakespeare suggestion, “The world” is our stage and we the “players”, the Power of Story is a program explores these 3 elements: the Actor as the vessel, the Ocean as the backstories and the stars as the audience to our performance. The Power of Story Transformation Program creates a still and safe place, where you can freely dive in. Utilising the ACTORS craft components, we explore our BACKSTORIES, which are commonly not “true stories, but rather memories and distorted recollections that create unsettled waters for our adventure.

The Power of Story Event is structured in phases. Each phase takes you deeper into the world that lies beneath the surface.  The Program  utilises The first two elements involve Back-story and the Actor or “essence”. (who I splaying the role?)   We go beneath the surface and explore the tidal stories that support and detract from you journey. And we also seek to uncover the essential stars that guide you. Ultimately, the goal is to assess where we are, and script a future story that enables us to perform as best we can.


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