Corporate Development

We provide three key services for Corporate Development; Coaching, Mentoring and Training Programs. No cookie-cutter approach, as each service is tailor-made through consultation for your organisation and teams to achieve your aims and goals.
Expected outcomes:

  1. Enhanced culture
  2. More collaboration
  3. Better leadership

Peak Performance Programs

We have discovered, after conducting thousands of coaching sessions around the world, having modelled masters in their field and spending decades studying human potential, that EVERYONE’S performance depends upon three key things; patterns, stories and questions.
Expected outcomes:

  1. Less stress
  2. Improved productivity
  3. Game-changing results

Personal Development Programs

For individuals wanting to reach their potential, we offer a program that meets every need at every budget. Delivery options include: 1-to-1 individualised coaching, group coaching programs, training sessions and retreats.
Expected outcomes:

  1. More energy and focus
  2. Less judgement and guilt
  3. Increased confidence and self-appreciation

Programs Especially For Women

The main principle underlying these workshops is that, as a society, we strongly undervalue the feminine.  Due to a millennia of living in a male-dominated culture, we have lost our understanding of feminine power.
Expected outcomes:

  1. Become more present in your body
  2. Engage others in a more authentic way
  3. Unleash your inner Goddess

“Deb’s methods are based on truly understanding the depth of possibilities and the achievement of mastery in this discipline”.

– Peter Thompson – Internationally Certified Master NLP Trainer, INLPTA

“I can always depend on finding ways to help me get past any obstacles.These are powerful tools to speed up the process of change, which is a relief to access so quickly!

Paying attention to both speech and body language, I glean clues of where obstacles lay in non-conscious levels and then the exercises create shifts, ensuring change at a core level.

I feel really safe, as things that I might not see are reflected back.”

– Eleni Pallas, Executive Coach – San Francisco, Leaders for Good: Where Leaders Evolve

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