ragav wordleRaghavender Matam is a Master Practitioner certified by International NLP trainers. Having trained with the masters of NLP, such as Sue Knight and Gene Early and working with the world’s leading expert on ‘Change Enhancement Dialogue’, enables him to have a blend of International training standards.

Raghav is an observant and curious coach and trainer, with 10 years of working experience with IT companies. He is passionate about freeing individuals from their invisible barriers through awareness. As a NLP Master Practitioner he uses metaphors as an important tool in his coaching.
As a certified Coach (ACC), Raghav has over 400 coaching hours.

Raghav has worked with organizations such as Cognizant, AstraZeneca, SL Lumax (part of Hyundai) training/coaching mid-level managers and executives. Has executive/life coaching clients who work in multi-national companies. He is gifted in presenting solutions for challenges  faced by organisations that are growing and competing globally.

So that his clients can experience the change they wish quickly and effectively, Raghav is ever seeking to expand his skills, training  further in Transactional Analysis and Provocative Therapy.

“Raghav radiates an inner wisdom.

He shows deep insight and a willingness to explore whatever I presented to him, with openness and curiosity.

He facilitates greater awareness of thoughts and processes which has lead me to be even more effective in my work and life.”

Faye, Horse Trainer and Mindfulness Coach

He is known for his ability to take complex knowledge and skills and presenting them in an accessible way, providing practical examples for application for the day to day challenges. He is skilled in presenting powerful principles and crafting quality learning experiences that facilitate change and provide relevant results.

Working closely with Deb Maes from Australia, who is known to be exceptional coach and trainer, on the ‘Peak Performance Program for Managers’, he remains at the cutting-edge of further development of effective Leadership training, which brings together the technology of change – NLP, with the latest understandings from cognitive psychology, and incorporating the newest breakthroughs in neuroscience, making practical application based on the experience of thousands of coaching sessions and a decade of study on human potential.