Peak Performance Training

This training is designed for especially for managers, but you can do this training no matter what your position or occupation. Whether you’re a mother, husband, friend or community contributor , just as long as you have a desire to excel at what you do.

A new model for exceptional performance

Based on the decades of study of human potential and brings together the last understandings from Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology and Positive Psychology, and the tools of NLP, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness.

This model is proven to increase capabilities in; decision making, negotiation, mentoring, team-building and corporate leadership. It is the ultimate communication model for discerning managers and team members to…

develop high performance in self and others, and foster the advanced-level interpersonal skills that produce positive working relationships.

The ImagineMORE Peak Performance Model addresses three key aspects of how we do exceptional performance; patterns, stories and questions.


• Deal with change resourcefully and productively
• Reduced stress and conflict
• Improved team interactions and interpersonal skills
• Establish rapport and excellent communication skills
• Build and improve coaching capabilities
• Recognise and implement strategies for Peak Performance
• Clarify outcome and set achievable goals
• Improved sales and negotiation techniques


You learn how to:

• become aware of the stories you currently tell yourself and others,
• strengthen what is already working for you,
• craft new, supportive stories for yourself and staff or loved ones, and
• use reframes to gain an enabling understanding of past and current situations.


Aspects of Neuro Linguistc Programing we cover are: reframes, presuppositions, Influential Language Patterns (Milton Model Language), Away and Towards Language and Submodalities.

Learning to craft useful questions is a large component of the Peak Performance Training.

You learn how to use a range of enabling questioning techniques such as:

• Clean Questioning allowing you and others to remain calm with clarifying issues,
• Precision questions, which enables you to uncover details and resources,
• Change Enhancement Discussions, creating motivation for change,
• Stacked Presuppostional Questioning and
• Open and Closed questions, how, when and when not to use them.


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