NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Fundamentals

Part 1 – leads to NLP Practitioner

Why learning NLP

NLP thinking and processes are making a big impact in business and on the world of personal development.
You can start your learning here on this 3 day foundational program. You may get everything you want or you may find yourself wanting to go on to do the NLP Practitioner also. Whatever you decide we’re sure you’ll enjoy this program because it’s all about YOU, understanding what mental programs and structures you use to create yourself and your reality.  It’s like driving lessons for your brain.

On this programme you can learn to integrate the skills and the thinking that can transform both your work and your personal life. You’ll get personal guidance and feedback from Deb Maes, who is considered to be an effective and sensitive coach.

expanding success words

“I very much enjoy working with Deb because her big heart allows for a large, open and judgement-free space within which to explore important topics…
she listens carefully, while still able to identify the core issues behind the patterns of thinking or behaviour. This allows her to offer new perspectives and bring about quick change.
She’s always prepared with ideas, exercises, tools, articles and perspectives that help me achieve my goals that I still use to continue to evolve.
Thank you Deb, for helping me become the person I always knew I could be!”

Eleni Pallas, Executive Coach, Leaders in Action


The training style brings together the latest knowledge in Cognitive Psychology, Positive Psychology and Neuro Science, while incorporating experiential design and lots of practice to allow you to achieve the goals that are important to you personally.

You’ll be presented with skills and tools to enhance the way that you manage yourself as well as others, the way you communicate, influence, negotiate, manage change and know how to coach yourself and others.

Outcomes You May Expect

By the end of this enriching programme you will be able to:

• creatively manage change,
• set compelling outcomes that maximise your results for your personal development and in work,
• understand situations from different points of view,
• be able to take effective, balanced decisions,
• be able to gain the co-operation and commitment of others,
• communicate in ways that enhance understanding and interest,
• build quality relationships, based on trust and confidence through rapport,
• motivate yourself and others by utilising the power of values and criteria by which you and others make decisions,
• recognise the impact of your own and others body language,
• recognise and manage conflict in a way that promotes personal congruence,
• be aware of your own and others use of both enabling and inhibiting patterns in language,
• be able challenge these patterns to increase learning and change,
• have a greater understanding and respect for the different ways that people make sense of their experience,
• consider and adopt beliefs that support and create a learning culture,
• produce a personal development plan that will enable you to continue to enhance your ability to learn, grow and succeed.


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