Coaching Programs

Options and Fees 2019

Program Details:

Each program is made up of three core services:

  • Direct contact via Phone, Skype or in person, dealing with Scoping, Mapping and Change. The amount of contact and the number of Scoping and Mapping activities covered depend on the program you select,
  • Email or text contact to develop and strengthen communication and influence skills.   This is for Performance and Capacity Development, and keep you on track and motivated between scheduled sessions,
  • The ‘The Excellence Program: Your Success Code’, containing the 50 Focus Sheets.  This is a weekly learning program, supported by chats, tips, a weekly exploration call and the opportunity to join with a like-minded community

You choose which of these you would like to combine and in what quantities.

What is covered and achieved in Direct contact? Here are just a few of the things you might expect:

Scoping Exercises

  • Information Gathering and Goal Setting
  • Key Domain identification including: Relationships, Health, Finance, Mental/Spiritual, Career, Family, Wellbeing, Education
  • Values Elicitation
  • Uncovering your Life Purpose
  • Identifying your Current Life Script
  • Identification of Blocks to Success (negative emotions, beliefs systems and limiting decisions)

Mapping Activities

  • Crystalising the Goal
  • Reverse Engineering your Goals
  • Crafting a quality Life Script
  • Development of Your Personal Success Strategy
  • Removal of Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

What is covered and achieved via Text  – email, messenger and whats app?

Here are just a few of the benefits of Excellence Performance and Capacity Development:

  • Written interaction analysis & development (see explanation below)
  • Meta Program elicitation (see glossary for information)
  • Visualisation development (see glossary for information)

Written interaction analysis & development includes sending samples of your communication are forwarded for feedback which allows the development and strengthening of communication and influence skills, and reveals unconscious patterns, in a way that is difficult to do in real time and with verbal communication. To illustrate this, you may be aware that as we speak verbally, we are often focused on the content and the intent of our communication and so we miss our language patterns, unconscious beliefs, and the underlying presuppositions.

Our language patterns do not only affect our results, but they also reveal the underlying structure that is creating our results (both enabling and limiting). Providing example of your communication in a written form allows the communication process to be slowed down, so as well as being able to reveal the underlying structure, highlight patterns it also provides an opportunity to model skills you will be developing such as advanced questioning techniques, reframes or influential language patterns.

What is The Excellence Program: Your Success Code

  • Knowledge and Skills Mastery

The ‘Excellence Program: Your Success Code’ is weekly learning System’ – designed to help you transform your Mindset Mastery and Discover the Blueprint to Be Your Best. The program is a series of weekly ‘Focus Sheets’, which take a maximum of 5 minutes to read or a 5 to 10-minute audio to listen to on the go.

There are not additional time consuming activities or assignments to do, rather the activities can be implemented immediately and integrated into your daily activities. They are designed to ensure forward momentum and keep you on track towards your goals.


The Focus Sheets develop your knowledge and skills in a structured and systematic way, and is a reliable way of ensuring you have a strong foundation for life and work.

The Focus Sheets cover ALL the essential skills required for ‘Excellence’ – Your version of ‘Success”,, but are chunked into micro skills so you become proficient with each part of competency in thinking and being.

The overarching metaphor is that of embarking on a life-changing journey. You choose the destination and your preferred method of travel and we provide the ‘Travel Indispensables’ – 7 essential elements that will make your journey easier and more enjoyable as you go on life’s travels:


  • Clarity about what  you want & the ability to focus on it

Before embarking on any journey, we must first decide – CHOOSE- to go somewhere.Decision making is an internal process. The Focus Sheets in this module will assist you with cultivating a focused and directed mindset that is foundational for success. Here you clarify and crystalise what you truly want to experience and develop the essentials skills to create it most effectively.


  • Physical Peak Performance: increased energy & vitality

Your body is the vehicle you use for all your travels through life. Learn how to look after your body in the way it most needs. Rather than sorting through all the conflicting information on the internet and just blindly adopting what experts say, the Focus Sheets in this module will help you experiment with what works best for you to take care of your body so that can support you in the journey that you’ve chosen.


  • Path from Point A-B to know which actions to take in what order

Unlike a map, with Satellite Navigation (also known as Global Positioning System – GPS) you only need 2 pieces of information: where you are and where you want to go. The system take care of the rest.These Focus Sheets train you to use software that you may be didn’t know your brain already has. This framework for crafting compelling goals will help you chart the course from where you are to where you deeply desire to be.


  • Ability to get back up, no matter how often you get knocked back down

No matter destination or mode of travel, even the most experience traveller knows that obstacles inevitably arise. Resilience is the weatherproof jacket that protects you in all conditions. the Focus Sheets in this module are dedicated to helping you become impenetrable.


  • Inspire anyone to love you through unconscious communication

Rapport is the language we all speak at an unconscious level. It’s the intergalactic translator that enables you to communicate with anyone anywhere. These Focus Sheets are about learning to speak this non-verbal language skillfully and deliberately.


  • Use language to get yourself & others fully onboard with your plan

Life is a game that can be played skillfully and enjoyed immensely when we understand the strategy of influencing ourselves and others. The Focus Sheets in this module bring awareness to the impact language has and offers specific strategies we can use for winning communication. Precision of language enables us to engage, entertain and lead.


  • How to diffuse resistance in yourself & others

Imagine having a universal passport to get you into all the best places you want to go. The questions we ask are either the code to open the doors or lock us out of the spaces we desire. The Focus Sheets in this module train your brain on how to ask quality questions so you can break through any barrier.

Your Success Code (the Focus Sheets) is simple and efficient to implement; it’s this simplicity that makes it effective. Often it is the simple things that have the most profound impact and often it is those things that we simply overlook.

Program Offerings

All fees in A$ ~ includes 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Option 1: Ultimate + Individualized Coaching Package

Ideal for those that are ready to go Next Level: whether you are tired of spinning your wheels or just want faster results more easily.

Individual Support includes:

  • Weekly Direct Contact via Phone/Video 145 mins p/m
  • Email/SMS /WhatsApp – unlimited per month
  • Quarterly Review and planning forward additional 60 mins per quarter
  • Performance & Capacity – unlimited per month

Annually $19,800
Monthly $1,650
Pay In Full 12 months save $3,960

Option 2: Mastery Individualized Coaching Package

Ideal for those that are wanting to gain a deep and profound understanding of self and purpose to be happier and more fulfilled.

Individual Support includes:

  • Monthly Deep Dive Direct Contact via Phone/Video 50 mins p/m
  • Capacity & Performance development  via Email/WhatsApp – 4 per month
  • Quarterly Review and planning forward additional 60 mins per quarter
  • Your Success Code – all features (detailed above) – Lifetime access

Annually $15,180
Monthly $1,265
Pay In Full 12 months save $2,640

Option 3: Dynamic Group Coaching Package

Ideal for Life-long Learners, ready to focus and apply to gain clarity and direction.

Support includes:

  • Weekly Tips and Prompts via WhatsApp – Unlimited per month
  • Weekly Coaching calls via Zoom Phone/Video THREE 30 mins p/w
  • Weekly Mindset Learning Materials – 4 per month
  • Lifetime membership to resources and community

Bring A Buddy 2 for 1 offers provide 50%

Annually $4,400
Quarterly 4 X $1,380
Monthly 12 X $550

If you have done all that is required for the 12 months of the program and notable change is not achieved in at least one major area, please notify us in writing and we will happily refund the total of your program.

A personal Note

I’m on a mission to make it possible for everyone to access their own genius.  And perhaps you can’t fully appreciate what that will mean for you in terms of increased income, influence and personal fulfillment and satisfaction, though I do hope that you will choose to take this journey.

Please feel welcome to discuss your vision and coaching options with me in person.


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