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Neuroscience proves what is modelled matters most, and experience teaches that people who transform systems create impact by their very presence. These visionary leaders inspire new actions in their 3rd degree supporters. With over 30 years of experience transforming the lives of senior executives in a practical and transformative manner, Dr Gene Early explores the challenges all leaders face: inspiring teams, delivering effective feedback, managing emotions in tough situations, developing trust, conflict, performance management, managing stress and overwhelm. This is often created by

‘The 5 Deadliest Leadership Sins’.

Gene’s approach leads the way in Leadership from the Inside Out.

What is a Transformational Leader?

An identity…grounded in a mindset/worldview…manifested in behaviors…that consistently produce substantive, irreversible changes in identity of followers and of systems being addressed by the leaders.

A Leader:

Character and values inviting identification.

With Vision:

Creating purpose and meaning that moves a group toward a common goal.

Tapping Potential:

Releasing energy, creativity, and contribution in followers.

Through Empowerment and Recognition:

Honouring and developing each person and their contribution.

Capture this rare opportunity to engage with a heart-centered leader who has studied it, lived it, and most importantly knows the structure of how to enable you to do so too.

Mon 21st to Wed 23rd Sept 2015


 Gene is one of those rare leaders who has more than an engaging presence; he masterfully enables you to further develop your own.

levelUP logo… is an extraordinary journey

where you explore your sense of self as a leader and leave with a deeper, richer sense of how you can influence more fully in ways that benefit all around you.

levelUP logo … results in…

cohesive, coherant and compelling organisations, made up of individuals feeling empowered and at ease with their personal contribution to the team.

levelUP logo … is for you if

you know that managing people doesn’t qualify as leadership…You subscribe to the paradigm “I create my reality” and you’re committed to continuous improvement…In some cases, you don’t clearly understand what specifically you can transform to lead more effectively…You want a clean space and an extraordinary coach to help you see what you are missing…You want to make a difference in your organisation/community/world, and know that with the right tools you can…


Program Objectives and Format

Day 1…

1. Orientate to and clarify current development as a leader, so that current competencies and capacities are recognised, further appreciated, acknowledged and strengthened.
2. Identify what’s important in further personal leadership development, in a way that generates deep and permeating motivation towards the next phase in ongoing development.
3. Explore what ‘next level’ leadership means for you uniquely, so that the evidence criteria is clarified.
4. Craft a quality group learning space, enabling you to learn from each others’ experiences as well as your own.

Day 2…

1. Stretch the space for sharing the combined knowledge, skill and experience of the group.

2. Present and explore a variety of powerful mindset tools which are essential for leadership from the inside out, simple to utilise and consistently applicable to a multitude of contexts.
3. Practice effective communication strategies including ‘The Reverse Mirror’ which leads to greater influence in our interactions with others – effective and respectful influence being crucial components of levelUP Leading.
4. Delve deeper into the issues that emerge from the group synergistically, utilising advanced neuroscience and cognitive psychological techniques to do so.

Day 3…

1. Develop the skills required for mastering the leadership tools presented through a variety of exercises and activities.
2. Reflect upon the issues that have arisen within the group, and the methodologies used to transform them.
3. Strategically plan how to apply the skills and principles learned during the program whilst serving our organisations and enterprises.
4. Envision the changes that will occur within your enterprises upon your return, having leveled UP your leading.

Leadership Outcomes Developed:

• Fully Engage Others in your Vision & Focus
• Your Leadership Presence (greater personal presence, clarity, and confidence in being your authentic self)
• Master Strategic Change Management (Problem Solving, identify clearly and resolve bottlenecks in systems, Manage Emotions and Change)

Gene’s Experience Speaks for Itself

  • Founder of Early Leadership Solutions & Partner at Leaders’ Quest, hosting the original quest to Silicon Valley
  • Co-Founder of Genomic Health, a life sciences company
  • Former Vice Chancellor of Operations University of the Nations Kona Hawaii
  • Co-founder of Europe’s first Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) training centre
  • Author of “3 Keys to Transforming Your Potential: An Accelerator’s Guide to the CEO Within” and “Leadership Expectations: How Executive Ecosystems are Created and Used in a Non-Profit Setting”

What People Say About Gene

“Gene is intuitive and engaging. He is masterful at quickly surfacing topical areas that will be of most relevance to those in the room, at that time, in that moment.”
~ David Levin, Former Global CEO, UBM plc. London; Presently CEO of McGraw-Hill Education, New York
“Gene has an outstanding ability to quickly identify people problems and bring them to attention. In providing the solutions, Gene has a high level of energy and leads clear thinking. Gene is a joy to work with. He exudes enthusiasm, is out-going and people oriented”
~ Randy Scott, CEO and Chairman of InVitae
“Gene put me en route to realizing the rewarding life and business I have today. From the start he saw me for who I could be and he held that space for me over time… and still does. That was and still is profound for me. It was as if all the masquerades and masks that I had constructed over the years were invisible in his presence. I learned from Gene how to work with people, not just by giving them new behaviors and techniques but by tapping into the essence of who they are and their purpose in life”. ~
Sue Knight, best-selling author of NLP at Work
“This guy, Gene Early, is a frickin’ genius. When it came to talking about the psychology of situations and the emotional undertones that can motivate people’s actions, he takes that soft, fuzzy, intangible mumbo jumbo and made it into very concrete, actionable thinking”.
~ Mike Azzara, Exec Team Member, CMP Media, a UBM plc company
“Gene is the best person I know at getting to the heart of what really matters”.
~ Lindsay Levin, Founder and Managing Partner, Leaders’ Quest
“Gene has provided me with some of the most insightful, specific feedback I have received in my professional career. I can’t believe how comprehensive and thoughtful it is. After every session, I want to write a “thank you” note. I realize as the company gets bigger – your time grows more precious. After every session, I feel like I have grown!”
~ Marti Haskins, Director, Genomic Health
“Gene’s laser like feedback is a gift in its raw form. His feedback creates space for those who are ready, and pressure for those who aren’t. In either case, one invited into a powerful authenticity.”
~ Kenzie Kwong, Partner, Leaders’ Quest Ltd, Hong Kong
Gene, one of the most dedicated truth-seekers I know, boldly brought the new Genetic Alliance into being, creating its culture by boosting us forward
~ Sharon Terry, CEO of Genetic Alliance
“Gene brings a unique perspective that has shaped my work. He is sharply observant, provides precise analysis, and offers brilliant synthesis and insight.  He provided us with practical, grounded processes, invaluable tools, and …enhanced the quality of my work and contributed to our success. We are deeply grateful to him and highly recommend him for the quality of his work as well as the pleasure of his presence.”
~ Kemp Battle, Managing Director, Tucker Capital Corporation. Princeton, NJ

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Mon 21st to Wed 23rd Sept 2015
Small Group Offsite Residential in the Hunter Valley

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Prices include single accommodation on Monday and Tuesday night and 3 full days conferencing at the stunning Sebel Kirkton Park, Pokolbin, combining the elegance of a bygone era with all the comforts and luxuries of contemporary living.

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