Programs Especially For Women

The main principle underlying these workshops is that, as a society, we strongly undervalue the feminine. Due to a millennia of living in a male-dominated culture, we have lost our understanding of feminine power.
Expected outcomes:

  1. Become more present in your body
  2. Engage others in a more authentic way
  3. Unleash your inner Goddess

How to be Effective as a Woman in Life & the Working World

Professional women around the world struggle with many of the same challenges. Our many roles such as Mother, Wife, Manager, Leader, Sister, Daughter, friend etc. demand that we juggle many competing priorities simultaneously. Many  women struggle with that ‘Glass Ceiling’, at the same time as trying to achieve or maintain an impossible physical ideal.
All this can be confusing and exhausting.
Perhaps you experience some of the problem women report.  I invite you to check…

• Are you constantly putting everyone else first?

• Do you want more from your career?

• Do you lack direction or motivation?

• Do you often criticising the way you look?

• Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted?

• Do you really feel respected and valued?

• Do you find it difficult to have a good relationship?

• Do you struggle in personal relationships?

• Is a lack of confidence holding you back from doing what you really want?

• Are you constantly juggling things to make sure everyone else is ok?

• Do you find yourself not saying what you want to say and be heard?

• Would you like to be more confident and courage?

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions,

please consider attending the In Synch Communication Workshop.

It’s a day of fun, fascination and practical activities.

The Day is all about YOU and being confident as a woman.

You’ll discover the secrets of female strengths and learn to:

• Have more effective and powerful communication in a softly confident way,

• Understand the history of the feminie role, and why women are generally so confused,

• Turn off your brain,

• Become more present in your body,

• Gain a state of heightened awareness,

• Use breath, energy and mindfulness techniques to connect with self and in-turn with others,

• Experience the different Feminine Archetypes,

• Discover ways to engage others in a more authentic way,

• Use the keys of connection to access and express yourself more effectively.

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“I can’t wait for the next workshop.

“It was fun and empowering.

It really changed me!

I recommend this for women of any age.

It was an amazing day.”

 Anne Jacob, Community Leader & ‘Professional Woman of the Year’ 2012 (Regional NSW Australia)