Why do we have a reputation for delivering GREAT coaching and training – ANYWHERE in the world? It’s because after thousands of coaching sessions, with people from all backgrounds and professions, what we’ve come to understand is the truth of what

Albert Einstein said, “We are all geniuses”

AND we’re on a mission to make it possible for everyone to access their own genius by delivering ‘world class brain training at a no brainer price’. It is our motto and has informed our guiding questions as we research and design programs; what are the most effective tools for a Success Mindset and how do we make them accessible?

Accessible financially (at any income),
Accessible in every time-zone (no matter where in the world you are),
Accessible in efficiency (short, sharp and easily understood).

Why Brain Training, you might ask.  Because your mind is an amazing thing. All of us have the power to create our reality and this is done by the way we use our thinking and our habits. Yet we are not taught how to use these amazing tools and access our own genius, are we? And, all of us experience some self-doubt or uncertainty in some area of our life and this limits us and stops us from being fully who we can be. This is so no matter how well you are currently doing in life. You see, life is very, very broad and none of us are able to have every aspect of our life sorted perfectly and we are meant to. Human beings are by nature dynamic and imperfect and dare I say “messy” and  that’s how it is meant to be.

Even so, because you are more genius than you can know, at ImagineMORE Excellence Coaching we offer a unique type of Life Coaching, the type of coaching that lets you uncover YOUR OWN unique code for how you do Success. It is the most comprehensive personal development program that we know of on the planet, hands down. It includes not just coaching but all five of the avenues we use naturally when we seek to excel, succeed, grow, expand, change, achieve. More about those 5 things later. For now I’ll just share the name of the program: Your Success Code. The name itself speaks volumes, wouldn’t you agree?

This specific program has been developed in partner with Neuroplastician (Brain Trainer), Divya Darling, through the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute.

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A free Tip

Whether you choose to join a program here or not, we don’t want you leaving without a powerful “heads-up”, a life hack if you will. The truth is you don’t have to spend decades studying broadly, like me (debMaes); Masters level Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychology, Coaching, Peak Performance and Human Potential, nor travel the globe to learn from Masters in these fields and after conducting thousands of coaching session, from ordinary folk, to CEOs, to community and political leaders for you to change radically and easily. What we have discovered along the path and from my own (debMaes) personal experience of having grown up in an extreme cult, successfully managing dyslexia, teaching myself literacy in her 20’s, managing a language disorder to now being considered an excellent communicator, overcoming depression, chronic fatigue and courageously overcoming much fear and many obstacles to live a life of joy and increasing ease? Here it is…

our currently reality is a result of 3 mental processes.

If you pay attention to just these 3 processes, the way in which you experience life and your ability to effect the change you want comes with greater ease and more proficiency as you go along.

These three mental processes are:

your patterns(the little things you do over and over),
the stories that you tell and the questions you ask.

We extend a personal invitation to you to explore the website, subscribe to our blog or sign up for free resources. If it is your choice to join us, by choosing coaching, training or not … or whether you contribute to our discussions on the blog or not … we will have much joy in being able to share with you in some way what we have discovered through academic study, professional experience and life’s journey.

With much love from Deb Maes and the team.