Glorifying Gorgeous Girlhood:

A celebration of the Feminine


The Day is all about YOU as a woman. It’s fun, fascinating and practical.

Why name this day, “Glorifying Gorgeous GIRLhood”?  Watch this Youtube clip


After attending a woman’s workshop last year, study the Psychology of female sexuality, and travelling to India to experience a youthfulness in women that is missing here, some clients have asked me to share how I’ve learned to enjoy and celebrate being a woman. The Glorifying Gorgeous Girlhood Workshop is my answer.


This is so empowering that, no matter your current level of feminine confidence, your age or stage of life, this workshop is a must for every woman!


Attendance is strictly by invitation ONLY!

 Perhaps you’ve been invited because you are:
• a woman who wants to build your confidence,
• long-term single and want to get out there,
• in a relationship and wanting a more intimate connection,
• know you’re gorgeous and want to learn and experience more!

You will discover the secrets of female sexuality and learn to:,

• Understand the history of the feminie role, and why we’re so darn confused!

• Appreciate how your body is designed for exquisite sexual pleasure,

• Turn off your brain 

Become present in your body 

Achieve a state of heightened sensual awareness,

• Use Tantric breath and energy techniques to connect with self and allow for soulful surrender,

• Experience the different Feminine Archetypes

Discover ways to add spice to your sex life, and

• Use sexual connection to access and express your true sexual self.


        “Something clicked when you presented your beautiful energy.

It went straight into my soul, where I was able to connect to my little girl that had been lost and connect to my Gorgeous Girlhood…

                 I found lots of hidden parts that I had lost along the way”.

Sandra, workshop participant, Sydney Australia


Video of Anne’s recommendation


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