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Fully Living In Purpose & The Power of Story

All people at one point in their life, whether working to build healthier lives, stronger business or healthier leadership, feel a longing for something that defines and integrates their lives.

Ask yourself… if money was no object, what would you really like to spend your life doing?

Alan Watts in his YouTube clip suggests, “Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than have a long life spent in a miserable way. And so therefore it’s so important to consider this question: ‘What do I desire'”?

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All forms of life, all natural phenomena, produce an outcome, whether it’s a tree that produces fruit or clouds that produce rain. But humans often become so distracted by our daily activities that we either lose our awareness of, or never find our own unique purpose in life.

We need to feel our life has had meaning, that we are fulfilled and our life has purpose.  And, if we don’t, no matter how successful outwardly, we will have a lingering sense of dissatisfaction.

Living in purpose provides a deep sense of peace and fulfilment, a sense of self that transcends every day the disappointments and struggles or successes.

What is Living In Purpose?

It is living above what you encounter along life’s journey, so you are able to keep focused on your larger vision, your ideal.  You experience a steady movement or unfolding you towards its fulfillent.

 It’s important not to confuse happiness with finding your purpose. Emotions are what you experience in the ebb and flow of life – they do and should fluctuate.  Your purpose is deep and permeating.

How do you Live In Purpose?

1. learn to know yourself – your values, your desires, and your unique capacity,
2. letting go of old, false and limiting thinking about yourself,

3. fully tuning into your uniqueness and gifts,

4. developing skill to guard your thinking and manage your emotions, and
5. using your mental and creative energies to serve something larger than yourself.


This requires learning how to listen to your thinking and develop the sensory language that the brain uses to create outcomes.

Doing these things can be harder done than said, because our ego gets in the way.  But, keep in mind that there are people already achieving this, so you can too.

ImagineMORE offers two unique programs for you to begin to Embody and Live in Purpose:

‘Fully Living in Purpose (FLIP)’ and ‘The Power of Story’.

Both programs have 2 parts: a full weekend with a follow-up evening several weeks later.

Below is information about the FLIP program and…

Here is the link to The Power of Story Transformation Program

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FLIP Part 1 Program Overview

• Harness the power living on purpose
• Become the director of your life

Day 1

Session 1: Discover Your Purpose

• Finding your purpose
• Bring meaning into everyday activities
• Discover the potential that lies hidden inside you

Session 2: Achieving Fulfilment

• Practice the art of contentment
• Learn how to commit to change
• Discover how to have satisfaction in the moment

Session 3: Imagine Action

• Learn the art of writing your life plays
• ‘audition’ the actors in your life script
• Creatively designing your life’s scenes

Day 2

Session 4: Power Of Intention

• Harnessing the true power of your intention
• Discover the beliefs that govern every behaviour
• Learn to overcome the 4 fears that hold us back
• Learn how to transform anger and resentment into purposeful power

Session 5: Connect With Your Vision

• Experience connecting with your future using visualisation

Session 6: Decisiveness With Clarity

• Discover how to gain clarity in your life
• Learn the strategy for making the right decisions used by great leaders
• Strengthen your decision making capacity

Part 2 Program Overview

• Utilise the essence of your vision

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