Faye is a mother, artist, horse trainer and exceptional transformational life coach.

For over 25 years, Faye has immersed herself in one of the most effective self development environments…Horses.

For years she was unknowingly achieving exceptional results in connecting with horses, and it was only later, through her working with some of Australia’s greatest horsemen, that her natural capacity to connect, and the level of her results, were reflected back to her to see and acknowledge. Little did she know then, the benefit her work with horses would bring to her coaching.

Horses don’t care what title or qualifications you have, or who you say you are. They don’t get hooked by our stories, but instead respond without judgment, to exactly how you are being in that moment. This is being “clean”.

The greatest horsemen, like horses…are “clean”. They are fully present and aware of both themselves and the horse, so as to see and feel the subtlest of movements and shifts in energies or states.
The same horse can and will respond completely differently according to the person and their state of being…

This is just like the aspects of our life… When we change, the results we get change.

Faye knows first hand that achieving exceptional results requires, in short, self-mastery. Self mastery, intuitive responding and profound presence are not things Faye does, it is who she is.

In her own coaching journey, arising from a significant upheaval in her life circumstances, she discovered that what had always made her “different”, was not a limitation, but is her greatest gift, enabling her to cut to the heart of things and see what makes the difference.

Through her training in Mindfulness Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Faye came to understand through working with some of the most influential international coaches, the immense value of her existing unique capacity, and that this was the same capacity held by the most effective transformational coaches.


“In my work with Faye, I have been privileged to see and deeply appreciate who she is and what she brings to her clients. As with so many of us, our gifts and talents are developed through life experience. With Faye, it is easy to see this development through her work with horses. There she has honed her sensitivity and skill in communicating transformatively. Initially it was simply that her horses responded so powerfully to the love, attention and instruction that she brought. From these experiences she realized that she had the ability to work equally as effectively with people. Through training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming she has taken her intuitive approach to horsemanship and developed her conscious mind awareness of using these natural skills to facilitate the growth and development of her clients. What stands out in these newer dimensions of her work is how quickly she tunes in to her clients’ deepest needs and how she is able to guide them into resourceful states. For those who are eager to discover their own uniqueness and power, Faye is a resourceful facilitator and guide. I recommend her and her work.”

Gene Early, PhD, Co-Founder, UK Training Center for NLP

Faye is known for her honest, intuitive, non-judgmental, and clean way of being. The contentment, wisdom and joy with which she embraces life, is often an inspiration to others. She truly walks the talk.

Ive gained valuable insights into my own behaviour, enabling me to grow in both a personal and professional capacity. Faye challenged me to stretch my mind to greater possibilities and unlock my inner resources to achieve what I thought was unattainable.”

Sarah, HR Consultant

“I now understand the processes I use in my mind and how to use or change them. This has helped me deal with challenging aspects of life in a more productive way. I find myself being even more kind, understanding and having more empathy. Faye is pleasant, soft, thought provoking, patient and  determined, and as a result I’ve come to a deep appreciation of myself” 

Hans, Project Management Trainer and Consultant, Horse breeder