Excellence Coaching

“I was initially skeptical about coaching. I had no idea what to expect and was concerned I might be a waste of money. After years of being immersed in my career, I wanted to working on my mindset, confidence and limiting beliefs, which I knew were holding me back.

 My mindset completely transformed.

I’m calmer and more focused, confident and positive. I know what I want (and what I don’t want).

The return on investment has been massive. Because I’m far less stressed I can’t believe how much more I achieve.

I recommend the Excellence Programme to anyone who is caught up in the corporate rat race, anyone who doesn’t truly know where they are heading or how to get there fast.”

Abigail, Marketing Executive

Each program is made up of three core services:

1.      Direct contact via Phone, Skype or in person, dealing with Scoping, Mapping and Change. The amount of contact and the number of Scoping and Mapping activities covered depend on the program you select,

2.      Email or text contact to develop and strengthen communication and influence skills.   This is for Performance and Capacity Development, and

3.      The ‘Excellence’program, containing 40 Focus Sheets.  This is monitored and supported regularly and delivered at your pace.

“The program opened me to a world of opportunities and abundance that is imperfectly perfect and that is in constant evolution. My life had never been the same since I started the program and it continues to provide the tools I need to challenge the status quo and deliver my life purpose.”

 Jorge Entrepreneur 

“I am loving the structure of Excellence program. Each week there is a new building block that inspires me – that provides tools and  insights – and I realise how to access what is already present within me. The focus sheets deliver learnings that are simple, insightful and incredibly practical. Using the suggested exercises and questions, I am able to integrate the week’s learnings – one step at a time – and witness the gradual, beautiful and incremental shifts in my state of being.” 

Elizabeth –  Event Manager

Ø Excellence Scoping Exercises

Information gathering and goal setting

Key Domain identification including: Relationships, Health, Finance, Mental/Spiritual, Career, Family,Well-being, Education

Values Elicitation

Uncovering your life purpose

Developing your Ideal Life Script

Identification of blocks to success (negative emotions, beliefs systems and limiting decisions)

Ø Excellence Process Mapping Activities

Reverse Engineering your goals

Crystalising the goal

Crafting a quality Life Script

Development of Your Personal Success Strategy

Removal of blocks and limiting beliefs

Ø Excellence Performance and Capacity Development

Written interaction analysis & development

Meta Program elicitation(see glossary for information)

o Visualisation development(see glossary for information)

Written interaction analysis & development includes sending samples of your communication are forwarded for feedback which allows the development and strengthening of communication and influence skills, and reveals unconscious patterns, in a way that is difficult to do in real time and with verbal communication. To illustrate this, you may be aware that as we speak verbally, we are often focused on the content and the intent of our communication and so we miss our language patterns, unconscious beliefs, and the underlying presuppositions. 

Our language patterns do not only effect our results, but they also reveal the underlying structure that is creating our results (both enabling and limiting). Providing example of your communication in a written form allows the communication process to be slowed down, so as well as being able to reveal the underlying structure, highlight patterns it also provides an opportunity to model skills you will be developing such as advanced questioning techniques, reframes or influential language patterns.

Life is easier and more enjoyable. I feel more holistically confident with who I am and where my life is going. It’s given me the tools to better accept with myself and I definitely feel more present.”

 Lisa Designer

Ø Knowledge and Skills The Excellence Program: 40 Weekly Focus Sheets

1. Building Resilient Mental Patterns

2. Goal & Vision Alignment

3. Rapport Skills Refinement

4. Harnessing Emotions through Questions

5. Communication & Influence Exploration

The ‘5 Step System of Excellence’ as it develops knowledge and skills in a structured and systematic way to ensure that the foundations for your being is solidly in place. The ImagineMORE Coaching system is a reliable way of ensuring that all you need is securely in place and that you have a strong foundation. Often it is the simple things that have the most profound impact and often it is those things that we simply overlook. 

“The Excellence Program has enabled me to improve in many aspects of my life. I was previously stuck in a rut and lacked direction.

It is an interactive course that challenges your thoughts and assumptions.

My direction is now aligned with who I am and as a result I am powering ahead in achieving my goals and while my relationships are improving.”

Ben, Engineering Consultant

The‘5 Step System’ consists of 40 Focus Sheets, which take a maximum of 5 minutes to read, can be implemented immediately and integrated into your daily activities. They are designed to keep the forward momentum and keep you on track between sessions, while letting you to keep your focus on what you are doing.

Another important feature of the system is that all the essential skills are chunked into micro skills that make sure you get proficiency with each part and the parts build to a comprehensive whole of competency in thinking and being.

The program is based on years of research and study, and experience gain from thousands of
coaching session, so we really encourage you to be committed to this part of the program.

Ø Outcomes you might expect:

Our Excellence Coaching Programs are targeted at the effective implementation of successful life strategies, leadership skills, personal development abilities, confidence and self-coaching techniques while building skills and capabilities.  Hence, you can expect many of following outcomes:

Ø Increased performance in key areas,

Ø Increased capacity to identify, shift and deal with negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions,

Ø Improved personal resilience to negative events and behaviours from others,

Ø Significantly improved personal development, communication and negotiation abilities,

Ø Self-motivation strategies to take action on plans,

Ø Effective and profitable utilisation of personal resources,

Ø Improved time management,

Ø New awareness of personal values systems and how these can be used to aligned to achieve personal and professional goals,

Ø Improved relationships and communication with significant others,

Ø A results focused mindset, and

Ø Outstanding changes in personal resilience and
internal resourcefulness.


“I’m even more confidentcapable of

contributing globally.” 

Anne – International Philanthropist & Community Leader

 The Delivery:

A variety of accelerated change techniques, energetic processes, motivational strategies and personal coaching systems are used to empower you and keep you moving towards your goals.

We explore many things, including: emotional issues, limiting beliefs, ineffective values systems, time and stress issues.

Depending on your needs your sessions can include modalities such as:

Ø  Results/Life/Performance/Personal Coaching

Ø  Change with humour (Provocative Therapy)

Ø  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Ø  Clean questioning

Ø  Metaphors

Ø  Time Line Metaphor

Ø  AND our exclusive new modality for change, namely
Change Enhancement Discussions (developed jointly with Dr Joel Porter).


“Once you can trust the system…

you can trust the result.” 

Benjamin J Harvey – Director & Founder of Associate Coach 

Group sessions:

The group sessions are offered monthly and delivered in conjunction with the ‘5 Step System’ which consists of 40 essential lessons presented as Focus Sheets.


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