eleni wordleFrom more than 20 years working with global MNCs and small technology companies, Eleni knows that good systems and structures facilitate efficiency AND this creates space for higher thinking and creative action.

Having successfully focused on business development, leading a variety of organic growth, strategic partnership and acquisition projects in the BRICs and emerging markets, with organizations such as Orange Business Services in Paris, the World Bank in Washington, DC, as well as Deloitte and Booz Allen in Europe and the US, she recognised something even more important is needed … better leadership.

Eleni has now
put her vision into action,
believing that the time is right to make systemic economic and social changes that create better results on the micro and macro levels, seeing deliberate and socially responsible leaders as the needed levers.

She values and operates from:
• Integrity
• Collaboration
• Open and direct communication
• Clarity of thought and analysis
• Confidence
• Celebration of diversity
• Questioning the status quo

ImagineMORE is hugely grateful for the contribution she has made to the 5 Magnets of Compelling Leadership Model.

Eleni is a superb coach and leader in her own right and an absolute joy and inspiration to everyone she touches.