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Divya Darling loves empowering others to be the brightest and most brilliant versions of themselves.

Although she has researched the mysteries of the mind for over a decade, obtaining degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences from Oberlin, a top tier university in the US, she continues to dedicate herself to understanding the nature of belief and the mind-body connection as a Brain Trainer.

As the Founder & Director of the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute, Divya uses her passion and knowledge about the power of neuroplasticity to help people train their brains to produce the thought patterns that give rise to what they most desire in life.

Having struggled since adolescence to satiate the burning question, “what’s the purpose of living?” Divya began playing in the personal development space when she realised that science doesn’t provide a satisfying answer. The answer, she discovered, lies in connecting to the wisdom within through mindfulness. Having experienced firsthand how drastically life changes when your mind changes, Divya is on a mission to inspire joy and resiliency within others.

Understanding of the human condition – the experiences we all share – lies at the heart of her exceptional coaching abilities. Her skill of making complex scientific discoveries easily accessible and engaging that make her a talented trainer.