Through my Eyes: From Struggle to Joy by Deb Maes


How do you overcome abuse, poverty, and depression to become a thriving success? One of Australia’s most sought after transformational and leadership coaches, Deb Maes, shares her story.

“This book is a diamond. Much like natural diamonds are formed from intense heat and pressure Deb’s early years in a cult produced the intensity that forced her natural intuition and sensitivity inward. It took years for her to sparkle with the fire of life. Today, with humble brilliance she reveals what has made her a transformative facilitator. Each chapter acts as a facet to display her unique sensitivity to our human condition. Her story sparkles with grace and love. She invites you to join her in a journey that embraces joy and sorrow, that navigates suffering and health, that honors trial and triumph. When I find something that radiates beauty as this book does I slow down, breathe more deeply, and absorb all I can. If the prospect of experiencing true authenticity appeals, this book will speak to you.”

~ Gene Early, author of Leadership Expectations: How Executive Expectations are Created.

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