Your life: Leading Actor or Cameo Appearance?

admin - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

stage lights

If, as Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage” and we’re the players, what’s the part you’re playing? Did you auditioned for the right part? You don’t have to settle for a role like one of Shakespeare’s character, Antonio, whose line was, “Every man must play a part, and mine a sad one.”

Growing up in a cult, where my whole life was scripted in minute detail, I had no idea who the real me was.  Then I said, “Hang on.  It’s my life, why not have the performance of a life time?  Why not audition for the play I really want to perform in?”, and this changed my life.

I thought my experience was unique but as I began to coach successful people from around the globe, and after spending decades researching how we tick, I’ve discovered WE ALL have 3 questions we ask, “Who am I?”, “Who are you?” and “What am I supposed to be doing?”.

You’ve asked those questions too, haven’t you?  In fact, pause to reflect, and you’ll find those questions underpin most, if not all, of your daily actions and thoughts, right?

Want to waste your life?  Then live the role that others say you should be playing.

The good news is … You are the scriptwriter of your own story.  Yes, you are!

Many people believe that the events of their life have created who they are.  But this isn’t true.  It’s you who made the meaning of those events.  That meaning you made has formed your beliefs and crafted your story, up til now, and you act out of that story.

So, if there are aspects of your current story you don’t like, you can edit the script and rewrite your story.  Why not even rewrite your role and give yourself center stage in your life.

We’ve discover that there are 5 aspects to writing or rewriting your life scrip:

i. becoming aware of your current story,
ii. discovering your unique traits as an actor,
iii. building your new character,
iv. rehearsing and editing your new role ,
v. take the stage and performing an inspiring role.

When you do, you get amazing results, like one workshop participant shared, “It really works! I didn’t even try. New responses and behaviours just emerged and it was like I was a curious observer. I’m so much more confident.”

That’s because we act in harmony with who we believe we are.  Do you understand the power of that? If it is a ‘belief’ that informs ‘who’ we are, then that is inside our own mind, and when we change that (the belief), we change the story about ‘who’ we are and then we have to act differently.

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