What Stirs You?

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“Pay attention to what stirs you. That’s about YOU. It’s never about them. This allows you to change as you please”.

Our unconscious knows what we can change so we can be our best. How it lets us know is by noticing it in others.

There is no scientific proof for this, but when you ‘be as if it is true’, it gives you great power to change and grow because it puts your attention back on you (which is all you can control and change anyway). Try it next time you’re annoyed or admire someone – pay attention to what stirs you – what catches you attention.

Presuppose (assume) that is about you. It’s never about them. When you notice what catches your eye in another person you can ask, “how is that true of me”? This is so valuable because, even if it is not so (that it might not be about them), you are in a position of power because you can never change them BUT you can always change you.