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admin - Monday, September 23, 2013

thank you

I made a commitment to you – all you how have signed on for coaching or tips – and I hold to this commitment whole heartedly.  It is this commitment that motivates me week after week, no matter what is happening in my life.

Other coaches have asked me, “That is such a huge commitment. That must take hours a week. How do you do that”?

Of course I am motivated by my own personal values to be trustworthy and honest, AND in answering that question I have discovered something more I’d like to share about

HOW I do it.

Comparing times when I’m not motivated to times I have been highly motivated over an extended period I found this to be the structure of how I can stay committed …

     I go forward in time,

way past the end of the current challenge,

I’m there in the future having a conversation with someone I respect (in one case it was my Grandfather),

and tell with pride the story of how I started and continued, despite all kinds of adversity.

This is what I have done about blogging.  In the future, I show the website and say, “See the dates? Wednesday after Wednesday”. I explain, “It was only the most extreme circumstances that prevented me.  And see there?”, I add, pointing at a specific post, “If ever something prevented me, I have even posted about that”.

I share this with you, because you also will have your own way in which you excel at certain things and you perhaps can use this skill more widely when you recognise HOW you do it. AND, you may also find the process I use useful for you.  It is not an unknown process – many successful entrepreneurs and athletes do something similar.  In NLP it is known as ‘Future Pacing’. In sports Psychology it is known as ‘Mental Rehearsal’. It is a very powerful mental skill that has seen me through some extraordinary challenges.

Now, you might be wondering, “what extreme circumstance prevented my last Wednesday”?  My husband was admitted to hospital unexpectedly for a heart procedure.  This came on top of several other huge family and health concerns.

So, please accept my apologies and know that I am very grateful for the request to tip and blog daily/weekly because I benefited from the commitment also.  Week after week (and day after day with regards to the tips) I’m forced to filter through my experience to identify and share profound learning and powerful perceptions and I’m FORCED (in the nicest way) to START EVERY DAY IN INSPIRATION.

Thank you for asking this of me.  With much love, debM