Top Tip: What To Do When You Can’t

admin - Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today as I drove out of our property and onto our country lane, I saw a mangled flurry mass. ‘Oh no!  I hope it’s no one’s pet’, was my first thought. I slowed to check.  It was just a rabbit.  Sad but…

Then just further down the road, I saw another, but bigger mangled furry mass.  ‘Oh no!’, again I thought … and it was a fox.

My mind put two and two together and imagined the chase that might have occurred the night before. I bet they were to busy being determined, each for their own goal, to notice the vehicle coming.

That reminded me of my daily Quotable theme this week about ‘determination’ and ‘always find a way’.

This scene gave me pause to consider.  We can not be so focused on what we’re trying to achieve that we lose sight of what is going on around us or life can come along and knock us off our feet, or worse. 

At times we simply have to pause in our pursuit, as would have been wise for the rabbit and fox, and attend to ‘Life’, so we can go on again. 

Today, I had to pause.  I had my day full of important commitments that I really want to fulfill, BUT having woken with a heavy head full of flu, coughing and sneezing, it just would have defeated my goal to push on.  Unhappily I thought I won’t get to post a blog (which I have made an absolute commitment to). 

If you read last week’s, you’ll know I promised to expand on the ‘Let me JUST ..’, or ‘I’ll JUST ..’ strategy and I’m so sad I can’t do it.

So, how can we know when it’s time to pause, or push through or go around?

It’s self-knowledge and self-mastery that are the keys. 

And how do we develop this? Having spent countless hours, with people of all walks of life, around the globe, in thousands of coaching and training sessions, what I have discovered is…

 it starts with the questions you ask.

PS. Are you wondering how I got the blog done? I used the ‘I’ll JUST…” strategy.  I said to my self, “Even though I’m too sick to write a blog, ‘Let me JUST post an apology’. Then I thought, ‘I could JUST use the rabbit/fox event as an illustration’ and having started ….


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