Time and Resources

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“It’s NOT about having ‘TIME’ or ‘RESOURCES’. It’s about enjoying BEING YOU with what you have.”

Do you ever hear anyone say, “when I have …(insert required resource here) then I will be able to… (insert desired activity or goal here)”? Or ever hear anyone say, “when I have the time ….”? Or an even stranger thing to say, “I will have to make the time to …”. No one can ‘make time’; that makes it sound like you can make time like you can make a cake. Time just is. Some say “we all have the same time. It is how you use it’.

I don’t think so. I say it again, “time is”. What we have to use is not ‘time’, but ‘life’.

Now, I know we have things we want to do and create, or get while we are alive. I get that. But why wait ’til we have the resources we need to enjoy living – and more importantly – to enjoy being you. I commit to ‘enjoy being me’ in 3 ways today. I:

  1. marvel at how I overcome barriers,
  2. tell myself ‘that’s a beautiful thing you do’ and
  3. giggle if I mess-up, cos I know that’s just for learning.

What about you?