The Three Keys to Peak Performance: A New Model.

admin - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

peak performance

When you think of Peak Performance, you may think it refers only an elite athlete or world performer.  This is not the case.  In fact, it applies to ‘superior functioning’ in whatever you may do. At ImagineMORE Excellence Coaching, we refer to it as Personal or Professional ‘Excellence’.

Traditionally, peak performance psychology attends to three areas; 1. personality and mental factors, 2. practice and 3. application of behavioural and mental skills.

Learning a skill is the least challenging part of developing Peak Performance. You can get that in any good training, combined with committed practice.

However, Coaches and performers know that after master of a skill, more than fifty percent of success depends upon mental factors.  The best mental state is characterised by: the performance being effortless and automatic, control over thoughts, and alertness while the body and mind remain relaxed.  This mental state facilitates high engagement in activities, with focused attention on tasks, and leads to higher self-confidence, (overcoming ‘fear of failure’).

The real challenge is how to develop this type of mental state.

After conducting thousands of coaching sessions around the world, having modelled masters in their field and spending decades studying human potential, what we have come to discover is your mental state depends upon three key things; patterns, stories and questions.

Over the next three weeks, I’m going to blog on each aspect separately.

In the meantime, start listening to the stories you tell, the questions that you ask and pay attention to your daily habits.