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Tamworth Coached to Higher Heights


After travelling the world to study with leaders in the field of coaching and training and being inspired by many successful people worldwide, I’ve come to understand that coaching in the local community is paramount and I have become passionate about making this professional service available and accessible here in Tamworth. So, having received Chamber of Commerce Quality Business Award for Excellence in Professional Services on Friday evening, I feel very honoured and humbled.

What is really impressive is the way successful professionals in the region have so quickly recognised the benefits of coaching. It demonstrates that Tamworth has forward thinking,┬áreflecting the worldwide movement for ‘peak performance’ and ‘leadership’ coaching.

We coach our kids in sport, our Olympic athletes to achieve their goals, and now we have access to coaching for dealing with the challenges of modern life: constant high performance, while having a balanced life and quality relationships. My team and I are so pleased to serve our community in this way.