Peak Performance Key Number 1: Patterns

admin - Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Once, as I walked on the beach, I noticed some small smooth pebbles. I picked one up and rubbed it in my hand enjoying the cool, silky surface.  While holding this small pebble, I looked up I saw the towering rock face, still attached to the land mass, and I felt awe that one day it too could be a tiny pebble on the beach. How does this happen?  It’s not from the occassional big storm.  It’s from the constant rolling and turning from the motion of the waves.

‘Little actions, repeated often, create big results’.

Similarly, our patterns have a powerful impact on how we’ve shaped our life. This is the number one Key to Peak Performance (see last week’s blog). For me, the word ‘pattern’, brings to mind tiny threads, which alone are weak and almost invisible, but when woven together create a strong fabric.

Imagine two gardens; in one the weeds get tended and watered 10 minutes daily and the other gets a whole day working bee just twice a year.  Of course you will be able to recognise the difference, right?

If you were going increase your cardiovascular fitness, which would be more effective; exercise for a whole day once or twice a year, or exercising for 10 mins every day?

Today, consider your patterns, both physical and mental – pay special attention to the words you think and speak.  Some will be helpful and others not, right?

If you want to change or replace a pattern, how long do you think you will have to repeat it until it becomes effortless and automatic?  The latest research suggest on average 66 days. That’s right!  More than 2 months.  So here are 3 tips to help you stick at it long enough to make it stick:
1. Start small, one at a time, and build on your successes.
2. Create motivation by listing at least 100 reasons this new habit is important to you.
3. Allow for imperfection. You’re not going to get it perfect right away. Just start again knowing each time gets easier.

What is the most important ‘Pattern’ for you to start developing?  Remember, the trick is to
just get started, be committed (no matter how hard) and it WILL become automatic and effortless.