Two Certainties In Life

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“TWO certainties in LIFE: ‘NOW’ and ‘CHANGE’. So whatever you’re doing now, CELEBRATE or RELAX! ‘Cos it will change.”

Does that suggestion not make you SMILE? Whatever you are doing, whatever is going on right now, celebrate or relax….cos it is only for now and it is going to change. These are the two certainties in life: now and change.

Whatever is happening is only for now – that means life too. Life only happens in the now. If you are liking what is happening now, celebrate cos it is going to pass; appreciate it while it is now. BUT if things are not as you would wish, relax cos it is going to pass.

Believe In Yourself And Others

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“Dream – Act – Hold On… and always BELIEVE in yourself and others.”

Like the foundations of a house, so is ‘Belief’. Belief, not just in yourself – not just in others – both are vital. That’s where the magic is – when we pull it off together. How do you believe – really believe – in YOU?

Time and Resources

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“It’s NOT about having ‘TIME’ or ‘RESOURCES’. It’s about enjoying BEING YOU with what you have.”

Do you ever hear anyone say, “when I have …(insert required resource here) then I will be able to… (insert desired activity or goal here)”? Or ever hear anyone say, “when I have the time ….”? Or an even stranger thing to say, “I will have to make the time to …”. No one can ‘make time’; that makes it sound like you can make time like you can make a cake. Time just is. Some say “we all have the same time. It is how you use it’.

I don’t think so. I say it again, “time is”. What we have to use is not ‘time’, but ‘life’.

Now, I know we have things we want to do and create, or get while we are alive. I get that. But why wait ’til we have the resources we need to enjoy living – and more importantly – to enjoy being you. I commit to ‘enjoy being me’ in 3 ways today. I:

  1. marvel at how I overcome barriers,
  2. tell myself ‘that’s a beautiful thing you do’ and
  3. giggle if I mess-up, cos I know that’s just for learning.

What about you?