How to Navigate Life’s Course; THE CURVE

admin - Thursday, April 19, 2018

sailing boatWhen you stand on the shore of a vast ocean … looking out at towards the horizon, you see the edge of your world. How courageous is it to sail towards that edge?

It was only a few hundred years ago, everyone thought the world is flat. Sailors had to summon masses of courage to sail beyond the horizon. They hadn’t yet discovered that the ocean, like the planet itself, is curved. So, although it is only about 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) away, the curve of the earth means you must move towards it to see what is beyond. We first journey to what we see, then, from that new location we can see more and can journey further.

Life can be likened to sailing an ocean, whether to a paradisaic island, a land of adventure or a new frontier. Each new horizon, is a new chapter in your book, or scene in your play. But you must travel to the horizon ahead of you before you can set sights on the next one and go even further.

More than courage is required for a journey though. Great sailors understand they need knowledge not only of their vessel but of the external forces affecting the vessel; the tides, the ebb and flow of the ocean, undercurrent, wind and temperature changes, are all elements the Sailor responds to navigating across the vast ocean. Great sailors do not ignore what’s beneath and around their vessel, nor struggle against the elements. Rather, they leverage off the elements.

And in Life’s journey, just like the ocean that lies beneath, always supporting our vessel, it’s the stories we tell ourselves which inform how we journey, and whether we re-act or respond like a competent sailor.

Imagine though how much in the journey would be missed if one never dived into the waters or explored the riches beneath – never looked up and re-orientate by viewing the star and pausing, in wonder, to appreciate their magnificence.

When the sailor is clear minded, he has the capacity to utilise the stars to calibrate his position and set his course. The stars, like the essential, consistent SELF, help set the course – the direction that is right for you.

How does a sailor come by these skills and knowledge? Does our society or schooling provide this? Would you agree that our training is to set goals and head straight for them? But in ‘life’, just as on the ocean, are we not confronted with external elements that could take us off course?

In life, we too need knowledge of our vessel, skill and understanding of what lies beneath and a connection with what’s above to allow us to safely and accurately navigate to our chosen destination, and that’s why we have createdThe Power of Story Transformation Program which explores all these elements of your life’s journey.

We hope you’ll join us so you too can become the captain of your life’s ship and enjoy the journey even more fully. If you wish , just email us for more information 😉