How to Manage Your Time Tip #1: Give Me A Break!

admin - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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You can’t manage ‘time’. You can only manage ‘YOU’. So my first tip is really about how you can manage YOU better.

People often ask me how I’m able to accomplish so much in a day: I’m writing a several books, I coach, I run two business in parallel, I’m completing a grad dip in Psychology, I teach sign language at my daughter’s school, I manage the website content, I’m on several boards, I’m travelling internationally, managing all that involves, I exercise daily AND heaps more AND still seem to have time to hang about and do nothing.

How do I feel time-rich? It’s about managing my state, which in turn allows me to have ALMOST limitless energy.

When people feel ‘time-poor’, they are feeling ‘over-whelmed’. You know this experience, don’t you: feeling like you have too much to do and too little time to do get it done. The problem with being over-whelmed is that it saps your energy and demotivates you. This isn’t a very useful state when you have a lot to do.

Having overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), after more than 20 years of feeling over-whelmed, I can share with you many things about how to shift this state. The most effective strategy I used was to…

            Give permission to do nothing. Then  say, ‘I’LL JUST take my plate to the sink’.

        Then say, ‘I’LL JUST put it in the dishwasher’. Then, ‘while I’m here, I’LL JUST wipe the bench’.

What happened? I did get through the day and I accomplished all that I needed to do.

Why? 1. Because I felt ‘choice’, 2. I’d broken the task down into tiny ‘do-able chunks’ and 3. I’d made a ‘start’.

You may not have CFS, and you may not have that level of feeling ‘over-whelmed’, never-the-less, this experience illustrates how you can…

‘start easy’ and let the moment you create carry you through.

A key feature of this strategy is the phrase, “I’ll JUST …”.

These might not be the words you need to use to create the effect, but chunking the task and making a start WILL shift your energy. Have a go and let me know what you experience.

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