How To Make Yourself Anxious Exhausted and Stressed in 3 Easy Steps

admin - Thursday, October 3, 2013

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I’m sure you’ve experienced some anxiety, tiredness or stress from time to time.  How do you do that?  How do you make yourself tired, worried or stressed? If you wanted to, how would you go about it?

Think I’m being funny?  No, I’m not. It’s a useful question to ask, ‘how am I doing that’? When you know the structure of how you create it, you also have the answer for how you can do it differently to get the opposite result.

So, here are the 3 most common ways to give yourself a hard time and make yourself feel terrible:

1. Hold your muscles tight, especially your tummy muscles, with a bent over posture like you are carrying a heavy weight on your shoulders and as you do, take small shallow breathes.

2. Chatter lots to yourself (inside your mind) about how you could fail, what could go wrong, and how inadequate you are, while wondering what other might think of you or what they might do if you did something wrong.

3. Create movies (inside your mind) of the unwanted consequences of your failed actions i.e. movies of people saying you’re stupid or no good or that they don’t want you around anymore and of them telling others how terrible you are.

AND there you have it!  Try it if you want to and you’ll notice how immediately a heavy, tired and stressed feeling come over you.

ACTUALLY, DON’T TRY IT!  That was a bit mean of me, wasn’t it?  You don’t need to do it to recognise how we are all doing some of this, in some measure, when we have made our self; tired, anxious or stressed, aren’t we?

So, the answer for how to be energised, confident and calm lies in the structure, not the content.  By that I mean, you can use the same structure and change the content and we will equally effective in getting a positive, rather than negative, result. 

For example …

Step 1, the structure is about posture and breathing.  For a positive result, you only need to instead choose an up-right posture with deep breathing.

Step 2, the structure is about internal dialogue.   For a positive result, choose an up-beat voice that cheers you on and reminds you of your successes and abilities or even how gracious people can be.

Step 3, is about mental movies.  You’ve got the idea now, haven’t you?

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