How to Become a Billionaire in a Few Moments

admin - Friday, June 3, 2016

bubbles smallThis morning, when opening the office; putting out the table and chairs, winding out the blinds, turning the ‘Open’ sign, a man walking passed, stop and looked at me with this ‘YOU!!! You’re the one!!!’, look on his face. You know that, shocked, double take, stare that happens when someone is caught off guard? He did that, and as he did, I noticed that he seemed the type of person that had seen some hard knocks in life – some teeth missing, that posture that says, ‘life has been heavy’… a ruggedness about him.

I didn’t have to wait long to discover what the expression meant, as he launched into a monologue, with rich Ocker-ness (for my international friends that is a really Australian Aussie blokey way of expressing oneself – like Paul Hogan made famous in the ‘Crocodile Dundee’ movies),

“That that (pointing at the image above)…, thas sumfin (that’s something). I usta (used to) live on Gunnaganoo and me and me boys, me 2 sons… I mean we’d walk passed go’n t’ tha shops…we’d walk past ALL tha time and I’d be like ‘in me liva’ (I think that is means ‘in my liver’), ya know, n I’d like, see those words and like, ‘YEAH! Ya right ya know’. See those little words (‘fun’, ‘calm’, ‘time’, relax’), they lead t’ tha big words (‘peace’ & ‘success’) and ya know, I’d read that, and I’d stop I’d like …Yeah, it’s right”,

he said with a contented and warm smile. I thanked him for sharing that and on his way he went.

That had really struck me though.

How many days had that man walked passed with his sons and his outlook had been changed? How many moments of ‘fun’, ‘calm’, ‘time’ (presentness) had he enjoyed with his sons as a result? How many occasions had he considered being relaxed, at peace and successful …all without me even knowing our sign was creating this impact?

‘Life’ is in these moments – moments of happiness, bliss, achievement, success, even love. All these things exist only in the moment they are experienced, wouldn’t you say?

AND, how much would you say a moment of happiness or success is worth? Well, perhaps consider how much we are willing to pay to achieve it. For success, one might spend years at university, or invest thousands or even millions in a business or career, or even sacrifice a marriage. What is the cost of that? It can’t be measured solely in the currency of money, can it?

He had moments of ‘life’ – many, many moments – of happiness or feeling of success, as he walked passed. And if you consider each moment of life has immeasurable valuable, I feel like the richest freaking billionaire on the planet in the currency of ‘LIFE’, to have quietly contributed to those moments, for a stranger I likely will never meet again, by simply doing what I do.

What I take from this is that we DO impact each other – in the moment – in the way we are. We are making a difference, in ways we can’t fully know. And THAT can be making us rich – really, truly rich – if we choose to

make the difference you make positive.