How to Achieve Work/Life balance: A Whole New Perspective.

admin - Sunday, March 6, 2016

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Do an internet search on ‘How to achieve Work/Life Balance’ and you’ll get 1,810,000 references.  

If we know so much about it, how come we are experiencing more stress and burnout than ever before?

The solution recommended by many experts is to balance the amount of time spent at work with quality down time along-side work.  But how many people do you know take a break, even a holiday, and while they are away from work they ‘WIND DOWN’.  Then soon after they return to work they are ‘WOUND UP’ again.  This wording hints at the problem; wind down, wound up.

Let’s consider what is implied in the phrase ‘Work/Life Balance’. If we have ‘Life’ when we aren’t at ‘Work’, then what does that mean we have when we are at ‘Work’ – some state of ‘Non Life’? And what says we don’t have ‘Work’ to do for ‘Life’.  I have plenty of ‘life work’ to do when I’m not ‘at work’.  AND how do we make some activities ‘Work’ and others ‘Life’?

Making the solution to escape from ‘Work’ to ‘Life’, or leaving ‘Life’ behind to ‘Work’, only reinforces imbalance in life.  

Rather than creating a separation between work and our life, doesn’t it make more sense for us to learn how to be more balanced in life, whether we are relaxing or being productive? Doesn’t it make more sense for us to learn how to be in a better state when we are working, so we don’t get stressed and tired?

When you set up a positive state of mind and work with a quality focus you not only find you’re more productive, but at the end of the week you’re more relaxed and with more energy.  Many clients who have enjoyed our Precision Results Coaching will tell you this is true.


Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share three tips for being more balanced as you work – whether you’re at home or at work – and as you relax. For now, I invite you to comment here and explain what you are doing different when you are exhausted and when you are energised from work.