Focus Matters

Deb Maes - Tuesday, April 24, 2018

In today’s world, you must be productive and use your time wisely to create value.

One of the biggest contributors to productivity is the ability to focus, that is the ability narrow down our attention down on something. Focusing helps us keep our eye on the goal, it’s key to clarity, efficiency, and concentration.

The problem is, attention is a limited resource, and distractions are everywhere; talkative coworker, email, that sugar fix, digital media or the new Netflix hit. We have more competing for our attention than ever before.

We’re so busy multitasking, trying to get stuff done, it is no wonder people everywhere are experiencing an epidemic of overwhelm. For most of us, anchoring our attention has become a daily challenge.

But, in order to build the kind of career and life you want, it’s going to take the right kind of focus. This won’t happen by accident and it’s honestly not easy to find something that is doable with our time being a premium. It requires an intelligent approach and well designed, effective program.

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