Enjoy any HOW

Deb Maes - Thursday, October 5, 2017

“Whatever you are doing, ASK yourself ‘Why?’. When it’s important enough you can enjoy any how”

You can ‘Enjoy any How’ when you know your ‘Why’.

How can a parent enjoy cleaning up baby poop? They are thinking ‘How do I get through a year of nappies and 2 years of crying and years and years of answering “why?’, “are we there yet?”.

In this case, if you ask ‘How?’, is going to feel like long, hard work. Yet, contrary to logic, parents can be seen delighting in nurturing, belly-tickling and raspberry-blowing delights while cleaning and dressing. They don’t even have to ask ‘why?’. Their motivation comes from deep within.

BUT, sometimes we are doing tasks that aren’t enjoyable in themselves and it can help us to stay at these tasks when we remind ourselves why we want this. Because on some level or at some time, we must have wanted something useful to have said ‘yes’. What might that be as you think about that now?