Transforming From A Great Performer to A Leader: The Courage You’ll Need

Deb Maes - Tuesday, August 25, 2015

8-types-of-courage-for-aspiring-leadersI loved this article, ‘8 Types of Courage for Aspiring Leaders’ by Jo Miller, (and the image too) so I thought I’d share a summary. What are the eight things you’ll need courage for in transforming yourself from high-performing employee into a leader can be a challenge – one that takes strength, moxie, resilience and courage.

“The truth is that courage resides within you;

you must simply decide to embrace it.”

— Jennifer McClanahan-Flint

Have the courage to:

  1. be your authentic self
  2. align your career with your purpose
  3. take risks
  4. seek out feedback
  5. tolerate temporary discomfort
  6. let others shine
  7. influence upward and
  8. keep trying So you’ve been bold, taken risks, and influenced upward to get the assignment you want, empowered others to take action, endured temporary discomfort, and then… nothing. Your big proposal falls apart at the 11th hour. You work your butt off and somebody else gets the promotion. Thirty cold-calls lead to no new customers. All that courageous effort seems to go nowhere. What next? Simple: don’t give up. Keep going, keep trying, until you achieve your goals.

Trying is always worth it, according to Alexandra Franzen, who says, “You might take courageous action and get no visible result. You might pour in your heart and soul, you strain, you fight, and yet…”

Keep on trying even when you’re uncertain of the outcome, because when you try your best, according to Franzen, “…you never really ‘fail.’ Simply by trying — especially when nobody else is willing or able to act — you become an inspiration to everyone you meet.”

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