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Barbara is a story lover.  She loves people to share their stories and to share her own and she knows that growth, transformation and appreciation emerge when we connect in this way.   Here is some of her story in her own words.

“My mother, my first teacher of unconditional love, at my birth received a letter from my eldest brother. It said that he’d prayed for a sister named Barbara.  My mother had been longing for a daughter and had chosen the names carefully, with attention to their meaning. She could not bring herself to ignore this heartfelt letter from her first born and so ‘Barbara’, which means different, I am. Fostered from birth,  I am fascinated by and respectful of the differences in us.  I “see” our differences and I appreciate these.  Our differences are the unique building blocks of who we are.  


I am also fascinated by the intricate ways our minds create our experiences. How can, say, members of families experience the same thing yet their memories of such times are so vastly different.  How can this be?  How can the same be different?  

I had studied into nursing, counseling and welfare work but there was something significant missing. Then I started my Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner certification in 2005 and like a lot of my life’s learning I challenged everything to the nth degree. This is my way. I know something is real when I have passed it through every possible test and it’s come out clean and clear.

This curious and inquisitive journey is what brought me to join ImagineMORE Coaching.  My passion is to share what I have learned with others who come curiously to who they truly are and explore what is possible for them.   As a Coach I offer to share, care and kindly be alongside on your journey.   I do not give up, because I have proven it invaluable.”

“Truly life-changing.

My whole life I’ve struggled with emotional ups and downs and I wasn’t able to cope with problems.  Talking with friends provided some support but often they just agree with how it is.  Counselling I found was just 60 minutes of a self indulgent pity party.  

The Excellence program though really change my perspectives and I learnt simple techniques to balance my emotions.  Things that frenzied me a year ago I just seem easy.

Although Barb is caring and genuine, she is also insightful and skillful in techniques to appreciate myself, to respect for myself and know I’m ok.  I am now believing in myself and living more confidently, calmer and life is more tranquil.”

Margaret, Customer Service

“I used to always compare myself to others, always trying to ‘getting it right’ always trying to work out what was wrong with me. That kind analysing was not helpful.

Working with Barb with the Excellence program created a big change in my thinking, and yet it was simple at the same time – it is a.

Barb is patient and insightful manner lead to powerful understanding and my natural vibrance, fun loving and outrageous spirit has reemerged.  My new calm confidence has made me so much more productive – I’m getting so much more done.”

Gwen, Accountant