ImagineMORE has a global pool of competent, qualified Coaches and Trainers…
working together and consulting on projects.

This enables us to draw together the perfect team for your needs.
Here are a few of us …

Deb Maes is the Principal, Founder and Director of ImagineMORE
Read about Deb
Gene Early International Coach & Trainer, Partner at Leaders Quest
Read about Gene
sukhy Bains pic
Sukhy Bains is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Read about Sukhy
Tristan Soames, NLP Master Trainer and Coach and Developer ‘The Spotlight System’™
Read about Tristan
peter pic
Peter Thompson is the Director of Apt Ventures, Educationalist, Coach and Writer Read about Peter
Tim Coates is the Owner of Australian Training & Consulting, Councilor, Mentor and Speaker Read about Tim
divya h head shot small
Divya Darling is a Transformational Coach & Founder of the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute Read about Divya
eleni headshot
Eleni Pallas is a Leadership Coach & founder of Leaders for Good Read about Eleni
Raghavender Matam is the founder of Real Magic Training and Coaching  Read about Raghav
Barbara James is an ImagineMORE NLP Excellence Coach Read about Barbara
Faye Ramsey is an Intrinsic Brilliance Institute Certified Coach and ImagineMORE Mindfulness and NLP Coach Read about Faye

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